From a Little boy who fished with his dad to CEO of a company: get to know the story of Spawn Fly Fish

Spawn Fly Fish is one of the most recognized companies in the world when it comes to fly fishing. And at Nove Outdoors we have the privilege of being the only official distributor of the brand in all of Latin America.

But, with such a large offer on the market, why did we choose this one?

The answer, of course, has to do with the quality of its products, but it is also closely related to the vision of its founder, Josh Phillips, and the journey to become one of the largest online stores for fishing products.

The foundations of Spawn Fly Fish

The company began in Oregon, United States, in 2017, but Josh’s fanaticism for fishing and sports dates back to much to earlier as, in his own words, he grew up with “a rod in my hand and a ball at my feet”.

Josh was already a professional soccer player, and that greatly influenced his way of doing business, but we’ll talk about it shortly.

As a child, he would always fishe with his father, who was the head fisheries biologist  in Washington State and who currently serves as the Director of the Coastal Region in Washington for the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Fishing, sport and a strong ecological and protectionist awareness inherited from his father are the main pillars of what would later become one of the most important new fly fishing brands on the international market.

Josh, as a child, fishing with his dad

From soccer to business

However, Josh’s story prior to founding Spawn Fly Fish begins like that of many other successful entrepreneurs: with multiple jobs, disappointments, and hard work.

Before turning fully into fishing gear, Josh was a professional soccer player in the United States of America .

With a scholarship under his arm to study at Gonzaga University, he graduated with a business degree, then began his career as a professional second division soccer player.

But not everything was as smooth and fast as it seems.

According to Josh, being a part of that league meant fighting his way out every day to make a living.

At night he worked at a restaurant in order to pay his rent and, both at work and at sports practices, he could not be absent or performe below the average.

All this undoubtedly influenced his way of facing life and, mainly, business.

Even today he is actively involved in various jobs and is completely dedicated to his goals, but he knows that things can change in an instant (in fact, the arrival of COVID-19 drastically affected many of the plans he had for 2020) But he is convinced that, despite external influences changing, we can be in control of our effort and our attitude in the face of circumstances, in the same way as he did on the soccer field.

Spawn Fly Fish is born

And so we go back to the beginning of this text: the year 2017.

His childhood fishing with his father, his business degree, his experience as a footballer, his efforts in the world of work. Everything seemed to come together and take shape at the end of that summer of 2017 where, gathered at a table with three of his best friends, they decided to create Spawn Fly Fish.

The idea was simple: make their way into the industry they loved, having a positive impact on the world. Always open to sharing their aspirations and values, with an emphasis on community engagement and, unlike other brands, seeking to build relationships with each and every customer.

They began by creating life like models for tying. They currently have thousands of products designed by them and a successful online business that distributes their items in the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland and Argentina, among others.

Much has been done since then. The goals have evolved and the company has grown in an unusual way, to establish a huge catalog of fly tying products of worldwide distribution.

In addition, the company remains firm in its commitment to the environment since, from the beginning, part of all the profits go to various conservation organizations and they have also created a fly tying course in the high school they attended so that in the early stages of life, young people become aware of the importance of contact with the enviroment and caring for it.

However much more experience and maturity  Josh as gained at the head of one of the most prestigious companies in his field, he continues to be that boy who is passionate about nature and amazed every time the rod moves when it comes to fishing.

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First Golden Dorado to be ever fished with on Spawn Head.
“On January 28 of 2018 we were wet wading fishing with when a good piece of gold of almost 2 kg (4,5 lbs) took a gold streamer with a Chubly first season Spawn Head “ Milton Gareca @moreshiny_porfavor

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